Investors struggle with too many options - a growing array of investment platforms, a never-ending list of funds, and complicated fee structures.

In this session, Gregory Van (Founding Partner) and Samuel Rhee (Chairman and CIO) introduce our latest investment solution, Endowus Fund Smart, and how it makes a world of difference in helping you customize your ideal investment portfolio.

0:00​ Introduction to Endowus

8:46​ Introducing Endowus Fund Smart

11:31​ Endowus Fund Manager and Fund Selection Process, tools and functions of Fund Smart

18:41​ Using Endowus to create a Core and Satellite Investment portfolio

20:50​ Customising your own Cash Smart Solution

23:25​ Introducing Endowus Ultra Defensive Portfolio of Bond Funds

26:44​ Single Fund Manager (Dimensional/PIMCO)  Portfolios

29:33​ Misalignment of interest with traditional platforms

33:36​ Cost Comparison of Endowus vs other platforms

38:37​ QnA Part 1

43:34​ Walkthrough of Endowus Fund Smart -100% Passive CPF Portfolio

50:56​ Walkthrough of Endowus Fund Smart -Safe Cash Goal and Single Fund Manager

56:11​ QnA Part 2

59:18​ Explaining the Endowus Ultra Defensive Portfolio

1:03:10​ QnA Part 3

Q: Can I select the Endowus Ultra Defensive Portfolio directly? How do I choose the funds in Endowus Fund Smart? (38:37​)

Sam: We are working on functions such as a dropdown list of Model portfolios will be made available in the future. This will allow users to choose whole portfolios instead of individual funds. We are also working on a fund screener.

For questions on specific funds, you go read through our fund rationales, where the Endowus Investment Office explains why we choose these funds.

Understanding the intricate details of the funds are not easy, and that is why we recommend clients to invest in the Endowus Advised Portfolios. For most of the investors you should start off with the off the rack globally diversified portfolios for both equities and bonds. We have optimised this for you so you do not have to use Fund Smart to figure your portfolio out and decide which funds are the best.

Note: You can read up more about how to choose the funds here.

Sam: Endowus investment philosophy is not about timing the markets, even though I have the experience managing portfolios based on market views. We have done webinars on the divergence of the markets and economy, and market commentary on both Endowus Live and Insights.

Market views do not matter for most people who invest in long term portfolios, which are most of our clients. We encourage you to invest passively for the long term in your asset allocation portfolios. For most of the investors, we do not suggest taking active buy/sell positions in the funds.