Investing 101 with Endowus

Four short, foundational investing videos that will make all your money — Cash, CPF & SRS — work harder for you.

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INVESTING 101: Fair fees

Fighting for fairer, lower fees

Fees are extremely important to your returns -  keep them low & honest. When you look at the math, a difference of just 1% in fees is equivalent to over 240% of lost returns after 30 years.

Learn about the hidden fees your financial advisor doesn’t tell you about, and how Endowus fights for fair fees, so that you get higher returns on your hard-earned savings.


The right investment plans for your goals

Investing in a portfolio suitable for your goals, at a loss tolerance suitable for your behaviour, is critical to your long-term success.
Understand how Endowus helps you invest in globally diversified investment portfolios with access to the world’s leading asset managers across all your savings - CPF, SRS & Cash.

INVESTING 101: your wealth partner

Choosing your wealth partner

Finding a financial advisor that is systematic, evidence-based, and holistic is hard to come by.
Understand Endowus’ strategic passive advice and how it is different from “robo-advisors” that try to actively time the market. Learn how Endowus stands on the shoulders of giants in the finance industry — the world’s leading asset managers, with proven track records — for your investment portfolios.

INVESTING 101: who is endowus

Who is Endowus, and how we help you invest your CPF, SRS & Cash

Endowus is a fee-only digital wealth platform that helps you invest your CPF, SRS & Cash holistically towards your goals at low cost. Understand why Endowus thinks you should invest your CPF money in a long-term investment plan to get higher expected returns that can beat the 2.5% CPF OA rate mandated by the government.