How do I buy a single fund or construct a customised portfolio?

Through our Fund Smart option, you can invest in a single fund or build a customised portfolio by investing in multiple funds. Fund Smart is available for CPF, SRS and Cash investment. The funds available may differ based on the type of monies used. You can refer here for our curated list of best-in-class funds. 

Each Fund Smart goal can only be funded by one source of monies - CPF, SRS or Cash.

How do I add a Fund Smart portfolio to my Endowus account?
Please follow the steps below:
1. Simply log in to your Endowus account here
Add a new goal
3. Select “Fund  Smart” and follow the instructions. For your Fund Smart goal, you can select a single fund or multiple funds. 

Is there a minimum initial investment and minimum transaction size for Fund Smart?
The minimum initial investment on the Endowus platform is S$1,000. The minimum amount for a new Fund Smart investment transaction is S$100. There is no minimum balance that must be maintained in Fund Smart.

When I built my Fund Smart portfolio, I selected Cash as my funding source. Can I later use my CPF-OA or SRS monies to invest in my Fund Smart portfolio?
No - You can only have one source of funds in a Fund Smart portfolio.

What do I need to do if I want to invest in a non-SGD denominated fund?

If you wish to invest AUD/CHF/EUR/GBP/USD, please refer here for more information.

Would my Fund Smart portfolio be rebalanced periodically as well?
Yes - if you have more than 1 fund in your Fund Smart portfolio, your portfolio will also enjoy our value-added service of automated rebalancing if it drifts away from the target asset allocation you have set. Read more about rebalancing here.

Where can I see the comprehensive list of funds available through Fund Smart (and their respective Fund details)? 
You can view the list of funds at

I am interested in accessing funds that are not available through Fund Smart. What shall I do
We’re constantly and continuously searching the investment universe for better products that will add value to our clients. If there are products that you would like to see on Fund Smart, please reach out to us at and we will relay your request to our Investment Office.

I see that you have funds that are exclusive for Accredited Investors but I do not see these funds available on Fund Smart. What shall I do?
Please reach out to and our team will assist you on this.